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All collections for Belgium (sport: football (soccer))

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2015FIFA 365 2016 (Panini)

2014FIFA 2014 Brazil (Panini)
FIFA 2014 Brazil Trading Cards Adrenalyn XL (Panini)
Rode Duivel Glazen (Jupiler)
Rode Duivel Blikken (Jupiler)

2013UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 (Panini)
UEFA Champions League 2013-14 Adrenalyn XL TC (Panini)
Road to FIFA 2014 Brazil (Panini)

1998FIFA World Cup France 98 (Panini)

1996UEFA Europe 96 (Panini)

1995Eurocups Stars Parade 94-95 (Service Line)

1990FIFA World Cup Italia 90 (Panini)

1982World Cup special 1982 (FHER)
FIFA World Cup Espaņa 82 (Panini)

1978FIFA World Cup Argentina 78 (Panini)